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Format: VINYL

Data premiery: 20.08.2012




A1The Shining Cello - Matt McGeever French Horn - Sam Morris Vibraphone - Ian Smith5:18A2Everybody's Stalking Drums, Percussion - Ian Smith3:39A3Bewilder 0:48A4Fall In A River Programmed By - Joe Robinson2:17A5Camping Next To Water 3:50A6Stone On The Water Co-producer - Andy Votel3:58A7Another Pearl Co-producer - Andy Votel Keyboards, Programmed By - Andy Votel4:27A8Body Rap Programmed By - Joe Robinson0:45A9Once Around The Block Co-producer - Away Team, The Drums - Adrian Dacre3:44A10This Song 1:42B1Bewilderbeast Bass, Keyboards - Sam Morris Cello - Matt McGeever Drums - Sean Kelly (2) Guitar - Ian Smith3:30B2Magic In The Air 3:43B3Cause A Rockslide Drums, Percussion - Ian Smith5:55B4Pissing In The Wind Bass - Jimmy Goodwin Drums - Andy Williams (4) Guitar - Jez Williams Keyboards - Gary Wilkinson, Martin Rebelski4:19B5Blistered Heart Keyboards - Gary Wilkinson1:50B6Disillusion Bass - Jimmy Goodwin Drums - Andy Williams (4) Guitar - Jez Williams Piano [Wulitzer], Clavinet - Martin Rebelski5:19B7Say It Again Drums - Spencer Birtwistle4:41B8Epitaph Backing Vocals - Clare Hewitt Programmed By - Joe Robinson3:50