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Format: CD

Data premiery: 16.06.2017

Label: DEMON



CD 1
1.Doctor Doctor (Live)
2.Only You Can Rock Me (7" Version)
3.Let It Roll
4.Shoot Shoot (Live)
5.Too Hot To Handle
6.Young Blood
7.Lonely Heart
8.Let It Rain
9.When It's Time To Rock
10.Rock Bottom
11.Oh My
12.Crystal Light
13.Love Lost Love
14.Natural Thing
15.I'm A Loser
16.Can You Roll Her
17.Just Another Suicide
18.Night Run
19.Space Child
CD 2
1.Hot 'N' Ready
2.Back Into My Life
3.Gettin' Ready
4.Pack It Up (And Go)
5.Love To Love
6.Ain't No Baby
7.Lettin' Go
8.This Fire Burns Tonight
9.Gone In The Night
10.Chains Chains
11.Long Gone
12.The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent
13.It's Killing Me
14.The Writer
15.Doing It All For You
16.This Time
17.Lookin' Out For No 1
18.High Flyer