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Format: CD

Data premiery: 25.11.2013

Label: DEMON



CD 1
1.Puffin' Billy - Melodi Light Orchestra 2.The Runaway Train- Michael Holliday 3.Wonderful Copenhagen- Danny Kaye 4.Me And My Teddy Bear- Rosemary Clooney 5.Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen By the Sea- Max Bygraves 6.Nellie the Elephant- Mandy Miller 7.The Man From Laramie- Jimmy Young 8.The Siamese Cat Song- Peggy Lee 9.The Big Rock Candy Mountain- Burl Ives 10.The Yellow Rose Of Texas- Gary Miller 11.Sugartime- Alma Cogan 12.Little Boy Fishing- Shirley Abicair 13.The Owl and the Pussycat- Elton Hayes 14.Poppa Piccolino- Diana Decker 15.Robin Hood- Dick James 16.Nick Nack Paddy Whack (the Children's Marching Song)- Cyril Stapleton 17.Bimbo- Jim Reeves 18.Little White Bull- Tommy Steele 19.In The Middle Of The House- The Johnston Brothers 20.Where Will The Dimple Be- Rosemary Clooney

CD 2
1.The Dambusters March- The Central Band Of The RAF 2.English Country Garden- Jimmie Rodgers 3.Que Sera, Sera- Doris Day 4.High Hopes- Frank Sinatra 5.Pretty Little Black-Eyed Susie- Guy Mitchell 6.Last Train to San Fernando- Johnny Duncan 7.I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly- Burl Ives 8.Soldier Won't You Marry Me?- Jimmie Rodgers 9.The Ballad of Davy Crockett- Bill Hayes 10.The Ugly Duckling- Danny Kaye 11.Sisters- The Beverley Sisters 12.I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat- Mel Blanc 13.The Teddy Bear's Picnic- Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra 14.Run Rabbit Run Flanagan & Allen 15.When You Wish Upon a Star (from Pinocchio)- Cliff Edwards 16.The Laughing Policeman- Charles Penrose 17.The Happy Wanderer- The Obernkirchen Children's Choir 18.Buckingham Palace- Anne Stephens 19.The King's New Clothes- Danny Kaye 20.The Bee Song- Arthur Askey

CD 3
1.Coronation Scot- Sidney Torch 2.The Lion And Albert- Stanley Holloway 3.Trains Part 1 & 2- Reginald Gardiner 4.The Three Billy Goats Gruff- Frank Luther 5.Dance Duet (Hansel and Gretel)- The Manchester Children's Choir 6.Bluebell Polka- Jimmy Shand 7.Swinging On A Star- Bing Crosby 8.Over The Rainbow- Judy Garland 9.Little Red Monkey - Joy Nicholas 10.The Little Shoemaker- Petula Clark 11.My Brother- Terry Scott 12.A Handful Of Songs- Tommy Steele 13.Michael (Row The Boat Ashore)- The Highwaymen 14.The Gypsy Rover (The Whistling Gypsy)- The Highwaymen 15.Tom Dooley- The Kingston Trio 16.Down by the Station - Anne Lloyd & Mitch Miller 17.How Much Is That Doggy In the Window ?- Lita Roza 18.You're a Pink Toothbrush- Max Bygraves 19.Twenty Tiny Fingers- The Stargazers 20.The Mole In The Hole- The Southlanders

CD 4
1.The Typewriter- Leroy Anderson 2.Sparky's Magic Piano- Henry Blair With Ray Turner 3.Witch Doctor- Don Lang and his Frantic Five 4.A Scottish Soldier- Andy M. Stewart 5.Football Crazy- Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor 6.Thumbelina- Danny Kaye 7.Ragtime Cowboy Joe- The Chipmunks 8.The Auctioneer- Leroy Van Dyke 9.Rawhide- Frankie Laine 10.The Hippopotamus Song (Mud Mud)- Flanders & Swann 11.Donald Where's Your Troosers- Andy Stewart 12.Beep Beep- The Playmates 13.Champion The Wonder Horse- Frankie Laine 14.Right Said Fred- Bernard Cribbins 15.Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat- The Avons 16.Ying Tong Song- The Goons 17.The Poor People Of Paris- Winifred Atwell 18.Out Of Town- Max Bygraves 19.Tubby The Tuba- Danny Kaye 20.Pickin' A Chicken- Eve Boswell

CD 5
1.Banana Boat (Day-O)- Harry Belafonte 2.He's A Tramp- Peggy Lee 3.Putting On The Style- Lonnie Donegan 4.Any Old Iron- Peter Sellers 5.Heart- Max Bygraves 6.Messing About On The River- Josh Macrae 7.Tulips From Amsterdam Max Bygraves 8.Lollipop- The Chordettes 9.Splish Splash- Charlie Drake 10.The Hole In The Ground- Bernard Cribbins 11.Speedy Gonzales- Pat Boone 12.Goodness Gracious Me!- Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren 13. Bing Crosby  - Busy Doin' Nothing 14.What A Mouth - Tommy Steele 15.My Old Man's A Dustman- Lonnie Donegan 16.My Boomerang Won't Come Back- Charlie Drake 17.There's A Hole In My Bucket- Harry Belafonte & Odetta 18.Don't Jump Off the Roof Dad- Tommy Cooper 19.Mr Sandman- The Chordettes 20.Pop Goes the Weasel- Anthony Newley